Trucks are responsible for a majority of freight movement across the country. Keeping your fleet in order is easier when you have quick and easy access to funds. QualiFi’s loan products deliver the money you require to upgrade your logistics equipment with the latest and greatest technology.

Small Businesses

Staffing agencies are the vital middleman between employers and workers. You establish connections between qualified candidates with companies looking for a change in ideas and productivity. QualiFi helps you stay active in the industry with high-quality loan products.

Computer Tech / IT

Technology is never the same for long. In such a fast-paced industry, your company must have the working capital to invest in the latest advancements and cutting-edge equipment. QualiFi’s vast array of loan products provides you with the money to hire experienced developers and reinforce your marketing efforts to increase your presence in the landscape.


Retail cash flow can fluctuate due to seasonal demand or a lack of inventory. QualiFi is dedicated to helping retailers nationwide bridge the gaps in the cash flow and improve their financial standing. We never bombard you with documentation or fleece you with outrageous interest rates. As a certified online lender, we’ve streamlined our application process, so you receive funds ASAP.


QualiFi supports manufacturers with business term loans to cover operating expenses, fulfill large purchase orders, make good on payroll, and invest in new real estate. We can offer up to $1,000,000 without collateral and approve most online applications within 24 hours. If you struggle to keep up with ever-increasing material costs, our financial professionals are here to ease the burden.

Restaurant / Food Industry

Many restaurants struggle to secure the working capital to keep their shelves stocked and their equipment up to date. QualiFi offers loan products for projects of every scale. We finance equipment opportunities from $5,000 to $5 million. We’ve secured over $250 million in capital since 2013 and are determined to acquire more.

Construction / Specialty Contractors

Operating a construction company is cash-intensive. Purchasing and repairing equipment, onboarding new crew members, and investing in marketing services can get expensive quickly. QualiFi helps you improve your cash flow and ensure you have the funds to operate at full strength year-round. No matter your financial obstacle, our certified advisors are ready to help you find a way forward.


The medical field is a high-pressure environment. Giving quality care is easier when you have access to the latest equipment and ample inventory. QualiFi tailors lending products to meet client needs. Whether you need assistance bridging the cash flow gap to meet payroll or want to upgrade your technology infrastructure, we have you covered with affordable loan options.