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About QualiFi

We help build businesses.


QualiFi was created by entrepreneurs, for entrepreneurs. Our team has decades of experience building businesses in a wide range of industries, and we know how critical it can be to have financial resources when you need them. Since 2013, we've supported small business owners throughout the United States with more than a quarter billion dollars in funding.


We specialize in helping businesses that can't catch a break from the banks. If your company already has loans or lines of credit, we can help you consolidate your debts at more favorable rates or increase your overall credit limits. If your business isn't old enough, or well-connected enough, or in the "right" industry, we can help. At QualiFi, when banks say no, we say yes!


Our success is built on the core values of trust and understanding. We're proud of our flawless rating on Trustpilot, which demonstrates our unwavering commitment to doing what's best for our clients.


QualiFi account managers truly listen to every client, and we'll also provide transparent communication throughout the funding process, to ensure you get the right form of financing, at the right rates and amounts, to take care of your critical business needs. We've forged unique partnerships with the nation's top lenders, which we leverage to get your business the most money at the best rates available.


At QualiFi, we succeed when you succeed. We know what it's like to be turned down for a loan for reasons that have nothing to do with the strength of your business. We know what strong businesses look like, and we know your commitment to your business deserves an equal commitment from your financial partner. We'd love to work with you and help your business thrive.

The QualiFi Difference

A free 10 minute consultation is all it takes for our experienced financing professionals to develop a clear understanding of your needs and how QualiFi can help you meet them. We only work with businesses that meet our criteria for "fundability." Most businesses are fundable, but if we can't help you today, our team will provide a detailed explanation why and a clear plan to put your business in a fundable position.

Our commitment to personal communication produces one of the highest approval rates in the industry. We do the work to get you funded so you can stay focused on running your business, and we'll keep you informed of your application process every step of the way. You’re always in good hands with QualiFi.

More than half of our business comes from referrals or from clients who return for additional capital. We want to build a long-term relationship with every client, and we'd love to start working with you today.

Meet Our CEO


Edward DeAngelis

Founder / CEO

Greetings! My name is Ed DeAngelis, Founder & CEO of QualiFi, LLC.

As a fellow business owner I know how valuable your time is, so I appreciate you taking the time to get to know us a little better.

My 30 year run as an entrepreneur has come from a stand on a street corner in Philly selling perfume and cologne to meeting you in my very own funding company today.

My reason for giving you some of my background is to let you know that I know firsthand what you may be going through from my own personal experience. I know the frustrations of wanting to grow and expand your goals and dreams without having the resources to do so.

I think you will see in our journey together that we genuinely want to help our clients have the best experience possible. One with options and choices that you may not know you had.

You will have a personalized journey with your own funding manager who will assess your needs and customize your experience to ensure we find the right loan product(s) for you.

A little more info about my own personal journey:


A little more about me & how we got here today if you came this far and if interested in reading on some more.


Eventually, my street corner perfume sales led me to bigger and better things as my career began to develop. I spent nearly 17 years in the screen printing and embroidery industry. I founded & launched Olympic Embroidery & Wholesale Co. in early 1999 & was later acquired in 2015 by Ampro Sports, a much larger competitor in Delaware County, PA. Ampro was one of the leading screen printing and team sportswear companies in the United States.


My journey into finance started in 2013 as President and partner with Bizlender, LLC. In just two and a half short years Eddie built from scratch the Bizlender sales team and went from startup to securing just shy of $5 million a month in fundings in back to back months prior to his departure in 2016.


Then comes Amerifi, LLC launched in March of 2017.


In another 2 1/2 short years, I founded and built from start up again and rocketed to profitability in just 7 short months! I took the sales team from startup to securing and funding $3-4 million a month and $8.5 million in December alone in 2018.


In late 2019, Amerifi, LLC was acquired by a much larger fintech giant “Nav Technologies Inc” whose corporate office is based in Utah. Nav’s leading investors consist of Goldman Sachs and Experian. Nav has built an incredible online marketplace for lending and was in search of acquiring a direct sales team & brokerage firm that could handle, expand, scale and facilitate all of their white glove more complex loan products.


I took the reins once again for the third time and built the NavEast high touch team from 0 to on pace to a run rate of more than $60 million in high touch fundings shortly before my departure. This was accomplished despite going through an entire year and a half of the Covid-19 pandemic which slowed our growth while the economy was affected.


Bringing us to my most recent journey... Enter QualiFi, LLC.


QualiFi's journey is just getting underway and is going to be something very special. We get to push the reset button one more time and take in all of the learnings, not only the successes but the failures too that we have learned by.


Our current mission with QualiFi is two-fold and our team is inspired to make it happen. We are setting out to take the headache out of small business financing by building the #1 best client experience for business loans, one business owner at a time!


Looking forward to our own journey together!